Gravitation Simulation      (Chrome runs well, FF3 is stuttery & slow, Opera too. IE? Maybe in 2010. )2009 CC  |  Back to Main
get real browser fool. Firefox 3 || chrome
Textures On/Off (Chrome only)
Trails On/Off
Names On/Off
White/Black BG

Reverse Time
Half Speed
Double Speed
(Max 2days/frame) | Day:
Initial position & velocity are set to the average values, which makes orbit circular instead of elliptical.... Added textures for a few planets now (only work when spherical not cubic).
Scale Body Down
Scale Body Up
Distances Unchanged, Size initially capped for viewing) |
Uncap Body sizes
--zoom out if you do this, the sun is too big for the screen at first. |
Cap Body sizes

Scale Orbits Down
Scale Orbits Up
Body Sizes Unchanged) |
Uncap sizes and Scale distances to match the Body Sizes

Use mouse click + drag to rotate | Use SHIFT + mouse to zoom in/out.
Use CTRL + mouse to move the view around the screen (moves on x-axis & y-axis).
Use CTRL + SHIFT + mouse to change the camera focal length
(Center the simulation on an object by clicking on it)
Set up your object's initial values, click , then click where on the canvas to add the object.
Name: Mass(kg): Radius(m):
Relative to Center: x-Pos(m): , y-Pos(m): , z-Pos(m):
x-Velocity(m/s): , y-Velocity(m/s): , z-Velocity(m/s):
x-Spin(Rev/S): , y-Spin(Rev/S): , z-Spin(Rev/S):
R: , G: , B:

The initial view is scaled according to the rules below:
With sizes capped, the scaling is not equal between different objects. orbit distances are correct relative to each other.
When sizes are uncapped Planets scaled 1:1 to each other, and 1:1000 to orbital distances(initially).
The [Uncap sizes and Scale distances to match the Planet Sizes] option does exactly what it says. You'll need to be zoomed pretty far back to be able to see anything though.

Older 2d version that's half broken can be seen here if your computer can't handle this one.